About Us
Green gourmet create food that is 100% vegan. We do not use meat or dairy products, nor do we use onion or garlic in our cooking. If you would like to know why, go to our Garlic and Onion Info Sheet.
Green gourmet is a family run business, which is focussed in nourishing the body and mind. We aspire to do this by producing food that is nutritious for the body and the development of a balanced mind. We believe in the philosophy of eating well to benefit our body and by doing good to our body, we hope to behave in a compassionate and beneficial manner to others. When Colin Fung first introduced tofu dishes in 1984 in his first Chinese restaurant, Gourmet Inn, only 20% of his customers knew or heard about Tofu. Since then, Colin had persisted in bringing together a selection of fine vegetarian dishes.
When Colin became a Vegetarian, he established Green Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant at Newtown in Sydney. Colin's creative vegetarian dishes have earned him much praise from his customers, many of whom traveled long distances to come to his restaurant. Colin's Vegetarian customers enjoyed dining in Green Gourmet as it was easier and less consuming to prepare their own tasty vegetarian dishes. Many of them purchased several take away meals from Green Gourmet to supplement their own cooking efforts.
With this in mind, Colin and his sister Gloria established Vegan's Choice Grocery, which is next door to their Newtown restaurant. They provide a range of restaurant quality prepared meals and sauces which would allow busy customers to enjoy hassle free vegetarian dishes at home. With the success of the Newtown restaurant, Colin established another Green Gourmet restaurant in St Leonards ( franchaise-running since 2003). We've listened to our customers and have come up with a menu to suit all tastebuds and dietry needs. Whether vegetarian, vegan vegetarian, lactose intolerant or coeliac (wheat gluten intolerant).
All dishes on our menu are vegan (no egg, no dairy) right to our soya-based ice-creams. Selected dishes are also gluten-free.