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We have made it easy to select a balanced Green Gourmet Vegan Meal. Mix and match with one of our popular mains, along with your choice of noodle or rice.
Choose one of our popular mains
  • Shantung not 'Chicken' - sweet, sticky and spicy wheat protein
  • Mock 'Duck' w Plum Sauce - sauce high in vitamin C to boost immunity
  • Malaysian Soy Nugget Curry - packed full of body warming spices like ginger and curry leaf
  • Nori Tofu Roll with Ginger Tamari Sauce (GF) - Nori seaweed contains a host of trace minerals whilst tofu is a great vegetarian source of the nine amino acids needed for cell building

Choose the staple of you prefer

  • Turmeric Fried Rice (GF) - Anti inflammatory turmeric blend
  • Stir Fried Rice Noodles (GF) - Tasty tamari flavoured

All Bento Boxes come with the following GF sides

  • Tasty Tofu Pillow Shreds with Bean Vermicelli (GF) - tofu to boost your calcium & iron levels for better Vit. D absorption
  • Stir-fried Seasonal Greens with Fresh Ginger (GF) - Healthy and beneficial for the whole body in supporting immunity, great source of dietary fibre.


Storage: fridge (up to 2 days), in freezer (up to 2 weeks without any major quality deterioration).

Reheating: from fridge (microwave for 3 - 3.5 mins), from freezer (microwave for 5-6 mins).


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