The Green Gourmet Story

Green Gourmet has been creating 100% flavourful plant-based food since 1998.

We are a family owned & operated sustainable food business. 

Our Vision: Creating compassion & responsibility for the future.

Our Mission: Celebrating nature through our creativity expressed through convenient & accessible plant based food offerings.

We celebrate Chinese and South East Asian flavours on our menu (online and in-store), and also have an extensive range of Modern Australian dessert offerings.

Our founder - Colin is no stranger to plant based food, introducing tofu dishes (yes when rarely any customers knew what it was) in 1984 with his first Chinese restaurant, Gourmet Inn. How times have changed!  

In 1998, the founder became plant based himself, and established Green Gourmet at Newtown in Sydney. A pioneer in the Sydney vegan scene, his creativity dishes have earned him much praise from his customers over the years; many who are not even are plant based themselves.

With the success of the Newtown restaurant, he established another Green Gourmet restaurant in St Leonards in 2001 with the support of his sister - Gloria.

Since 2008, our Pastry Chef -Claire has been busy developing and producing vegan cakes and pastries. Now over a decade on, we have achieved to offer over 15 vegan options (do check them out on our online store or at our restaurants); many of which are gluten free and refined sugar free. 

In August 2019, we celebrated 21 years in serving plant based food to the thriving community of Sydney.

Like the majority of small businesses, we faced numerous hurdles as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020 & 2021, and then faced a fire accident in the Newtown kitchen late 2021.

We made the difficult decision to permanently close the Newtown restaurant in May 2022, and continue focusing our efforts onto the St Leonards restaurant.

Currently, we're also continuing our monthly appearance at The Sydney Vegan Market and growing the reach of our Love Buns products through the retail outlets.