Handcrafted Vegan Yum Cha Dumplings

 100% PLANT-BASED VEGAN YUM CHA available at:

Did you know that Green Gourmet makes all of our delicious yum cha products onsite? That includes a variety of handcrafted dumplings and steamed buns.  We believe in great quality ingredients, preservative free production, hand-made care and quality that you would receive in a home kitchen.

We are specialists in fresh & delicious vegan fillings, and have experimented with thousands of natural ingredients for their binding and textural properties.  To us it's all about combining the right flavour and texture to achieve a tasty product, all without using synthetic MSG, onion or garlic.  These are OUR UNIQUE recipes, you will not get the same anywhere.

We keep our products simple and true to nature's flavours.  No masking with food enhancers or pungent aromas of garlic, onion or chives. 

green gourmet dumplings