Handcrafted Wontons ("Yun Tun") Dumplings 325g

Delicate & silky thin wheat pastry surrounding our very own soy protein, tofu, mushroom and vegetable medley filling. 

Ingredients: Wheat pastry, soy protein mince, tofu, celery, water chestnut, mushroom, carrot, canola oil and seasonings.

Serving suggestions include:

  • In a light & hearty vegetable or mushroom broth with a dash of fresh ginger & sesame oil
  • With your favourite noodles in broth
  • On its own with a touch of chill, light soy sauce & fresh ginger

Contents: 20pcs

Allergens: contains wheat (gluten), soy, sesame. Produced in our kitchens which handles peanuts and tree nuts.

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Type: Dishes